This statement by Henri Ciriani, was presented by Maitre Didier Bernheim in his plea before the Marseilles T.G.I. on December 17 2012. In Maitre Bernheim's words: "it reveals what motivates his demand and illustrates the degree to which his integrity as author has been violated."

The extension to the Musée Archeologique in Arles which the Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône is in process of implementing, is radically at odds with the studies I patiently conducted during the first phase of the 1983 competition, followed by year-long consultations with the curators before concluding the second phase, then during those years taking account of departmental and regional fund-raising activities, application of the accolade "Grand Projet" by the government of François Mitterand, a European Union grant, finalising the brief for tendering, plan modifications to integrate a research centre, preparation of the dossiers for consultants and spatial adjustments to accommodate their physical requirements to meet an on-site starting date August 1989. These six years of work, which I in no way regret, were necessary to create a perfect solution. By 'perfect' I wish to indicate that it is a totality, one indivisible work, complete. It responds totally to the requirements of the brief, while remaining loyal to the generating theories. The myriad modifications, however small, which come with building realisation, received my undivided, patient attention to ensure a unique œuvre. I am proud of this, and both critics and architects consider this to have been the culmination of my life's work, my masterpiece. The Arles Museum encompasses my spirit. Whenever I am introduced to audiences across the world, Arles, and my other museum at Peronne, are cited. If I permit my work to suffer this degradation, my reputation likewise will endure a similar fate.

(translation by Allen Cunningham)

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